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WHY AM I DOING THIS? WHY ME? (continued)

In reflecting, there were unusual instances throughout the years that I wondered about, but so infrequent that I thought them just odd or possibly imagined, so I ignored them and concentrated on surviving. However, some were more notable and prominent:
in the late ‘80’s, while driving a friend home, I casually mentioned breaking down on the highway with the children in the car. I began saying, “Boy, does God love me”…ready to continue about how someone stopped to help, when I was interrupted by a “picture” in full color out of my left eye. It was a clear, picture of the Crucifixion. The sky was almost turquoise blue, brown soil came to a mound, Christ was nailed, but there was no blood, no crown of thorns. Simultaneously, I heard, “THIS is how I love you”. I got the message immediately. It wasn’t the help sent on the road, but for the first time I understood the Church’s teaching -- how Christ would have gone through all He did even if just for me. I always thought it was something dramatic for them to say. Interestingly, I didn’t feel guilt, because it wasn’t shown for me to feel guilt, just the degree of Love, and that’s what I felt. It wasn’t something for them to say, it was for me to know!

and, in January, ‘89, I was trying to console a mother who lost her only child in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. I was the marketing rep assigned to her and others for anything they needed. One day, she talked about missing her daughter and I said, “Just think, where she is now there are flowers all over and the birds are chirping”. I felt foolish for blurting out birds would be “chirping” and in heaven, no less. I wanted to push the words back into my mouth, but it was too late. While I was thinking, “Where did THAT come from?”, she said, “How unusual for you to say that”. (I thought NO KIDDING) “We went to the cemetery today; the stone we ordered was ready….we chose a stone with birds all over it”!
also in the late ‘80’s, I was with my daughter in her room, changing over seasonal clothes. (I always prayed for help, and depending how tired and discouraged I was, God would hear, “But Your Word says this, or this scripture says that, and how come nothing happens, why aren’t my prayers answered?”) We were talking about the clothes, when this time, I heard a BOOMING voice in my right ear, that was unexpected but didn’t frighten me, (I’ve never heard that tone since) “I KEEP my promises. SOMETIMES, you HAVE TO WAIT!”

I don’t know why I’m directed to do this work instead of selling airline seats or hotel rooms. I don’t know until I see reactions, until I see strained faces relax, until I see tears of relief and joy and knowing and acceptance and peace. I want to change things for people who come to me, to “fix”, and make things better in their lives. I can’t. That’s not my job. My job is only to deliver the message and for the recipient to embrace it and allow it to do what it’s meant to do…..bring them to a better place than where they were before they heard it!

In January 1991, at 5:30 am, while driving to work at Pan Am, I skidded on ice and hit a utility pole, suffering internal injuries. During my 3-month recuperation, a colleague came to visit, who took over in my absence. She said her “card reader” mentioned my accident before it happened, not my name, just the situation. I thought my friend was working too many hours, but I listened. She was told a colleague would become incapacitated, and my friend’s assignment would change, as she would take on the duties of the sick person. In fact, her job changed from afternoon shift in Customs and Immigration to my morning shift in Passenger Service! I became curious, went to the card reader myself, listening and wondering about all this.
In the mid ’90’s, while living in Arizona, curiosity brought me to a person who “channeled” spiritual messages. When I asked a question, she immediately started typing out the response on the computer (I now know why -- it’s faster and easier on the hand). I recognized this was different from cards because it gave more guidance, direction and insight about what was taking place in a scenario or how someone felt, as opposed to predicting an outcome. It helped the person learn what steps needed to be taken to improve their situation, and it felt spiritually guided.
After several sessions, the channeler repeatedly suggested I try “automatic writing” myself. She felt I had a gift. I dismissed it, but she continued to encourage me. I did the exercises, drawing circles that changed to words that changed to paragraphs. My dated journals reveal different penmanships, according to what “angel” responded to questions. (For some reason, depending on the topic, I’d address the angel of finance, or of real estate, or of career, or of relationships). This seemed silly, even to me, but it revealed that there are angels or guides (spiritual enlightened entities), or more highly evolved intellects (not God), who are ever-present, loving and willing to help us.

I channeled only for myself and few others for awhile. Then with the encouragement of two family friends, Helen Commando and Donna Sherrer, I expanded to small groups. After more than 14,000 individual channeling sessions, I find myself since March, ‘04, downsized from corporate positions to unexpected growth within a gifted environment that humbles me every day.


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