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I just wanted to be married forever to a man I loved and be the best wife I could to him and mother to our two children. That was enough. They WERE my life. Instead, I found myself after being divorced 20 years, raising the children alone throughout most of them, while investing 18 years in the hospitality industry, and thrust into a “mission” of sorts. With what began as a prompting to pursue “automatic writing” in 1996, now seems to be a life’s work, accelerated and divinely guided by loving “spirits” I refer to as angels, who are propelling this work with ongoing momentum.

If you asked someone who knows me to describe me, I’m sure they’d say I’m more mainstream and traditional than quirky or offbeat. I would describe myself as bright, articulate, kind, loving, possessing a social conscience, devoted to family, a trusted friend, artsy, a great cook, a lover of all things lavender and purple, a good dancer, a tough but fair business negotiator, a community volunteer, a spiritual being, a generous individual, a football fan, a sissy-girl at times, an accomplished floral designer, a person grateful to God to be living in this imperfect country of ours (but still the best), doing this work and continuing to wonder, why me?

For 18 years, I was employed in the hospitality industry for both airlines and hotels in sales, marketing, operations and supervision to the director and national level, often with erratic schedules and out-of-state travel. I became a single parent when my children were 5 & 7 years old. During that time, I worked part-time as a floral designer and cleaned houses so my schedule could coincide with the children’s needs, until I felt more comfortable leaving them with sitters. I mention this for one reason. With all this responsibility, my days were not spent in Church praying I would hear messages. I prayed a lot, but for help to get through my situation. My days were very long, exhausting and the only extra-curricular activities I was interested in was getting some sleep!

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