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After more than 14,000 personal channeling sessions, domestic, international, phone, and in-person, here are a few observations:
Be prepared with a list of questions, any category is fine. Depending on length of response, we ask as many questions as time permits.
Have pencil and paper handy to take notes.
Be relaxed and calm, expecting to come away from the session with a better understanding of your situation than before. If you appear to be agitated or under the influence of alcohol or various mind-altering substances, I will not proceed with the session.
Try to refrain from other readings of any type for a few days prior to the channeling session, so as not to bring other energies to the session.
I have asked my angels to deliver messages quickly in order to provide as much information as possible within the alotted time. Therefore, I am not speaking quickly just to rush your response. I may also see a picture or image during a response (as if someone has shown me a photo) and I’ll describe what I see.
After you receive a response, you can ask another question or stay with the previous one for a more in-depth response.
The messages are intended for the person asking questions. They are to assist that person to make appropriate choices in their life in order achieve all that God wants for them... which is to live up to their potential in a life of happiness and fulfillment. This may require change, (of location, relationship, employment, friendship) which can be painful and difficult, but ultimately is for that individual’s Highest good.
I work with my angels and guides, not yours and I work within the White Light. Always ask for the White Light of love and highest good to surround you, eliminating the possibility of negative energies attempting to confuse or discourage either of us during a session.
I do not participate in any spells, magic, rituals, etc.  My work is from God for the one receiving the message and I pray for all those who contact me. I light a candle to the Blessed Mother Mary, the Mother of All, and ask that she protect Her children and help them with all they need.
When messages are given through me there is no judgment or condemnation made. All questions will be answered. The only time there seems to be a block to the response is when the same question is asked repeatedly because the person did not get the response they wanted. Also, you will not be given guidance or strategy to break up an existing relationship or assist in activity that breaks the law.
In legal, health or financial matters, you can ask what you need to know at time of channeling regarding outcome. Outcomes change based on free will of all parties concerned and their life path. An individual’s free will is never compromised, nor is their life path altered to bring about accuracy in a channeling. Consult professionals in the aforementioned fields if you need specific, definitive, academic answers.

Note: I don't ask about the sex of an unborn child and don't ask about whether a person will live or die. We already know if a person will die, when it is up to God!

Information given through my angels is about 95% accurate in accessing a situation or how someone feels about you, about 80% accurate regarding timing due to free will. These messages are to help you make appropriate choices in your life, not to offer step by-step directives on how to live your daily life.

Ultimately, all decisions are yours - pay attention to your inner voice!


DISCLAIMER: The information & advice given in & through messages you receive is to be treated for entertainment purposes only. Messages you receive are not substitutes for advice, programs or treatment from a licensed medical, legal or financial professional. Carolann Sano provides no guarantees, implied warranties or assurances of any kind & is not responsible for interpretations made or used by recipients of messages. You must be at least 18 years of age to call.
Copyright May 2004.

Contact: Carolann@thewhisperingangels.com