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  • I write this testimonial today for Carol Ann Sano, and for you the
    reader.  I want to tell you that communicating with a loved one, after
    their passing, is real, and you should open your mind to this.  Some are
    blessed with the capability of channeling and until you experience this,
    it is hard to believe.  Through the gift of Carol Ann, (a faithful servant
    of God) I had a thirty minute conversation with my daughter, who was
    brutally murdered last year.  This is real.  Carol Ann spoke in my
    daughters style and came up with no doubt responses to my questions.  She
    even called me by a pet name that very few people knew.  I miss my
    daughter dearly.  But knowing that she is present and active on the other
    side gives me great comfort.  I encourage you to open your mind and allow
    yourself the gift of a kind, compassionate Carol Ann Sano. 
    -- Ed DeMayo

  • "Excellent excellent reader. Her gift is amazing and accurate about the situation. HIGHLY recommend her. VERY caring and wonderful person also. Please, try her, she is worth it."

    — TrueThoughts

  • "Wow is an understatement for this reading. Carolann is truly amazing. Please, call her, she has an amazing gift. HIGHLY recommend calling her, do not hesitate! Your questions will truly be answered."

    — AllisPossible

  • "We laughed and had a good time. I thought he forgot about dinner and I thought Carolann is wrong. No sure enough he called and said get over here now. I was upset because he had told me son to call me and it was my son who forgot to let me know dinner had started. I thought he had brushed me off. Not the case at all. He wanted to see me before he left out of town. Thank you for being there for me. What you said was supposed to be discussed yesterday with K was exactly the reason for getting together. Thank you."

    — cherry163

  • "WOW! A very different reading. Wonderful lady. I felt like she really connected with my core problem and I started crying during the reading because it was like somebody just opened me up and saw the REAL problem. SHe hit where it hurt and I'm so glad she did when others in keen could not tell me. GREAT GREAT reading. If you want the truth and real guidance give her a call."

    — betbet13

  • "Thank you! Very honest!! Quite insightful and right on target."

    — delauren

  • "Wonderful helpful reading as always. Integrity, accuracy and empathy. Carolann is a GEM! Thank you so very much!"

    — Child of the Rainbow


    — 3233

  • "Carol! YOU WERE RIGHT!!!!! YEAH, him and his wife did send several emails and etc. I will listen to you and do what you said. You told me that this may not work out and that he would be back. I am not sure wabout that yet but oh yes, you mentioned the part about the email, which I didn't think would happen. And yes, yes, it happened just like you said. Thanks."

    — my boo

  • “Carolann told me the Company I talked to would call me back. She said she saw WED, probably not today (Wednesday), since it’s already late. She said by next Wednesday. Actually, they just called. You are so accurate! Thank you.”


    “A first-time caller. Really liked her analysis and her way of working. Thanks. I would VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER. A sophisticated reading and spot on. Thanks, Carolann.”

    — Tanouche

    “Like a loving teacher with a paddle she sets me and my worries straight. I just appreciate her…Blessings….I say everybody just put her on your top list”

    — Truth33



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